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Wendy and I have arrived at the America Capital in Washington, D.C!  
So far, we've visited our fashion conscious friends in California (Monterey and San Francisco), Illinois (Chicago), New York City (New York) and Boston (Massachusetts).  
The snow is definitely one thing that we don't have in Hong Kong!
As a traveling custom tailor, I've brought many swatches and samples (and of course, my measuring tape).  For those who don't know what to expect, below is a small sample of what I've brought to my trips.  Loro Piana and Scabal are some of the sources of clothes that we've partnered with.
Below are some pictures of collars and cuffs that we can use in the creation of your dress-shirts.  
When we say custom-made, we mean custom-made!
Again, we'll love to create for you!  Check out the itinerary to see which hotel we're at, or email us at
For more updates, please check out our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  
All the best,
Peter and Wendy So. 


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