Established in 1968, Peter So British Tailors specializes in custom clothing with a range of fashionable offerings for men and women. 英皇室.造寸高級洋服. Find us at Our new Location: Shop No. 16 G/FL Star House No 3 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, T.S.T. Hong Kong


Those who follow me on Facebook ( or on Instagram (PeterSoBritishTailors) knows that I'm constantly uploading my creations on Social Media.  

You are keen on seeing the finished product, such as the suit below:

Make your suits come alive with some color

But how do I get to the finished product?

First, it starts off with a consultation.  Ultimately, my creations are suited (yes, this is a pun) for you, and only you.  We all come in different shapes and sizes.  We are individuals, and that's why I take great pride in being a Hong Kong Custom Tailor.  The below is a basic draft of what I ultimately envision for you after I measure you.

Hong Kong Tailor's Sketch

Materials are also very important.  I source and import from the finest manufacturers in the world (for example, Loro Piana), and I think it's important that the suit I make for you last.  Light weight materials will never work in a colder area, and heavy weight materials will never work in a warmer region.  Here's a small sample of materials for you to choose from:

A stack of one the world's finest material from Loro Piana

Remember, you should not sacrifice looking good with feeling good.

We take pride in our work, and being a Hong Kong Tailor is a legacy that I will want to pass on with my clothing.  So long story short, please come visit us at our show room in Hong Kong whenever you are in town (Email me at or Call my mobile at 852-9312-5610).  Wendy and I would love to create for you!


All the best!

Peter So

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