Established in 1968, Peter So British Tailors specializes in custom clothing with a range of fashionable offerings for men and women. 英皇室.造寸高級洋服. Find us at Our new Location: Shop No. 16 G/FL Star House No 3 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, T.S.T. Hong Kong


As you know, I've been a custom tailor since my apprenticeship as a teenager with famous Shanghainese tailors.  So when asks: "Does a suit make a man, or does a man make a suit..." I must say that a man make the suit.  That man, of course, is me!  

All kidding aside, my creations are uniquely suited for you, and only you.  Therefore, you make the suit!

Man make a suit

All the best!

Peter So

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